Client Testimonials

“Judy was very approachable from the first contact. She was very professional, honest, and very confident of the quality of her job. During our first call, I was able to confirm that Judy was the right person to work with me. My experience with her confirmed everything that I read on her website, reviews, and much more. Judy’s knowledge of the legal profession and the job market for lawyers makes her a unique resource for legal professionals looking to market themselves successfully. Every document prepared by her was of the highest quality, and the timeline of her work was even faster than expected. Judy was very responsive and diligent at all times. I am so pleased with Judy’s work that I cannot stop talking about it.” – Emilio SR.

“The cover letters and LinkedIn profile are excellent. I could not be more pleased.” –
Chip V.

“It’s been great working with you and I am pleased with the results. Thanks very much!” “Update: I have been at the position our last revision was tailored to for almost a year now; thanks again for your efforts – I would certainly consider it a success!” – Vincent S.

“Superb! Thank you so much for your help! You have no idea how helpful this has been.” – Raquel S.

“These materials and the draft resume are awesome! Thanks so much for all of your help. Just what I was hoping for.” – Amy G.

“Wanted to update you that your help was very valuable and landed me a new position within my company several years ago.” – Christine G.

“WOW! I would have never gotten to that point alone! Let me just say, that I would hire me!” – Michele R.

“I recommend Judy Monaco to anyone who is designing their resume for a job search. Judy was quick, responsive and easy to work with. Her questionnaire and interview technique brought out information from my career that I discounted, but Judy brought out the value in every aspect of my career. The resume Judy designed was far better and more descriptive of my career and experience than any resume I would have put together. I found a position within six weeks of using the resume Judy developed.” – John M.

“You are amazing! Let me just start with that. [The resume] looks great…thank you for everything!” – Michelle P.

“I was very impressed with the resume. Thank you again for your wonderful and speedy work on these materials. You are a lifesaver!” – Christine L.

“So far, I’ve received one offer … and four additional invitations to interview. I had one interview this past Tuesday [major Philadelphia law firm], and I wanted to let you know that one of the attorneys I met with specifically mentioned that she was extraordinarily impressed with my resume. She said that the format was one she hadn’t seen before, but loved, particularly because of the unique way it highlighted my experience and skill set. She even asked my permission to share a copy with her friends who are currently looking for jobs. Just wanted to thank you again for your work and let you know that so far, it’s working well!!” – Jennifer G.

“Judy provided excellent services and was very professional. I enjoyed working with her as she gave me very personalized feedback and was prompt in her communications and work product. I would highly recommend her services.” – Michael A.

“Judy is thoughtful and detail-oriented, and works collaboratively. She is especially helpful in helping clients distill a broad range of professional experiences into a clear articulation of skills, capabilities and achievements. I’m happy to recommend her.” – Laura J.

“It is my pleasure to recommend Judy Monaco. She is a talented and wonderful career & resume consultant who transformed my varied and eclectic working experiences into a cohesive and organized accomplishment-oriented resume. Judy was patient and accommodating; always managing to pull every detail from our conversations and utilizing our limited time by phone to the fullest. I am quite happy with her work – she is a consummate professional who’s legal expertise and superior writing skills were the catalyst for producing a brilliant end product for me. Thank you!” – Kristen L.

“Judy has done a superb job – I barely recognized myself! I’ve been delighted with her work and as a result I’ve been approached to work for a large accountancy firm.” – Joel D.

“Judy did a fantastic job revamping my resume to maximize the experience that would be most appealing to employers and to present it in the most effective format. Given that employers spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing your resume, this is crucial. The difference was night and day. She took the time to figure out exactly what I wanted to convey and had my resume ready to send to employers in just a few days. Judy is truly a leader in her field, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.” – Jessica D.

“Great work – love it” – Freddy S.

“The resume looks phenomenal! Thanks so much for putting that work in on a time crunch…again, it looks fantastic and I really appreciate the timely manner in which you got it done.” – John M.

“I reached out to Judy as I was in the middle of a career path change and was finding it difficult to bring my transferable skills to light in a clean and creative resume. Not only was Judy able to rework my resume, she helped me to discover traits and qualifications that I did not know I possessed. My new resume has proven effective in not only securing interviews, but also bringing me new confidence in my own abilities. I would recommend Judy’s services for anyone thinking about making a career change!” – Dan G.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the work that you did, you truly have a gift.” – Chris T.

”Just wanted to express how thankful I am that you helped me. I spent my whole academic and professional career working hard so that I can stand out in a crowd of very talented people. It only makes sense that my resume should stand out as well. Now, it does! You did a great job…I LOVE the new resume. It is so fantastic! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.” – Spencer P.

“You did a great Job! I am impressed and so are my friends who looked at my resume. Thank you so much!” – Rod K.

“Thank you for your time and efforts-I’m very pleased and proud of the resume you created.” – Jeremy C.

“If you are looking for someone who can give your resume a makeover and impress employers, hire Judith. She is creative and she really knows how to make your skills and accomplishments stand out. Judith did an excellent job with my resume and I consider it well worth the investment. Thank you, Judith.” – Lisa B.

“Judy, thank you very much for your services. Your quick turnaround allowed me to apply for jobs sooner than expected. I have already received compliments on the resume and cover letter. The investment was well worth the results.” – George H.

“Judy was great to work with. She took the time to understand my needs and expectations and transformed my resume so that it accurately captured my core strengths and highlighted my experience in a manner that captured the attention of industry hiring managers.” – Tina P.

“Judy is a true pro in her field of writing and consulting. She is an excellent listener and has that rare ability to uncover skills, talents, and achievements, no matter how deeply hidden they may be. She is also excellent at distilling large amounts of information into a cohesive, organized product. Judy truly delivers a great product.” – Andrea V.

“Due to a merger, my position as VP/General Counsel was made redundant and I was asked to accept a reduced role. After researching several executive resume consultants with a specialization in the legal field, I was introduced to Judy Monaco. As a former practicing attorney herself, Judy immediately impressed me with her knowledge of the legal marketplace and her ability to focus on what was important to me in securing my next position. She is far more than a resume writer. As her profile indicates, she is a career strategist, and that’s exactly what I needed as I looked for a comparable legal executive position. She is extremely well-versed in social media and the role it needed to play in my specific search, and she quickly grasped the type of position I was interested in. One of Judy’s great strengths as a resume writer/career strategist is avoiding a generic, “one size fits all” approach. She clearly understood the legal executive/general counsel market and how my experience needed to be uniquely positioned for the opportunities and industries I was interested in. I should add that she is extremely responsive via email and phone, answered numerous questions intelligently and confidently, and delivered her work product quickly and accurately. I would strongly recommend Judy Monaco’s services to any attorney and legal executive seeking to transition into a new role.” – Alan P.

“Judy it was great to work with you. I am really pleased with the original output of your work. You were able to extract the essentials of my professional career (and it was not easy in my case). Thanks for you availability, patience and the quality of your work.” – YDF

“I am very impressed with the resume Judy wrote for me; it is a work of art. From her detailed questionnaire, follow up questions for clarification and my own overly busy resume, Judy created a resume that is smooth, coherent and professional. She managed to take all my job skills and clearly lay them out in a concise but informative resume. The resume shines – with the perfect mix of words and formatting – I am looking forward to using it for my job search.” — Fran H.

“Having contacted Judy is by far one of the best choices I have made in my life. Even though we are thousands of miles a part, considering I am a Mexican attorney, and the only way we could communicate was through email, she was able to understand how I wanted my résumé and she tailored it according to my specific professional objectives. I couldn’t be happier with how my cover letter and résumé came out. Thank you very much Judy!!” — Daniel C.

“I am thrilled with the resume and I look forward to so many more prospects now that it is so professional…thank you, thank you for this awesome new resume!” — Eleanor D.

“There are a lot of people who would greatly benefit from your services – me being one of them! It is like an interior decorator who makes a room look amazing using the items that your currently own.” — Colette S.

“Judy’s vast experience will take your resume to a new level. She incorporated so much information and worded my accomplishments and results in a new way that I am now getting so much positive feedback on my new resume. Thank you for your advise and expertise writing help!” — Christine G.

“Judy offers a variety of services, but one of the most valuable is the ability to provide a holistic approach to resume’s, on-line presence and targeted job applications. Judy takes the time to gain a clear understanding of a client’s strengths and career goals, and translates them into a consistent an compelling marketing program.” — Bill E.

“My resume and cover letter both look fantastic. I could not be any more pleased with your work in repositioning my personal brand. Given that I am transitioning to a new function in the investment industry, I really needed help in emphasizing certain areas, while simultaneously de-emphasizing others. Great job and thanks again!” — Andrew L.

“Everything looks great! I am so excited about using my new cover letters and resume.…you did an awesome job. Thank you! I am very impressed by the work that you did. Thanks to you, I had several interviews outside of my current employer prior to me changing positions.” — Stacy D.

“I cannot say enough about how much help Judy was to me. Her availability, her willingness to answer any questions and her determination to find the best way to take what I had to offer and make it sound much more positive and professional was what I really needed. Once I had my resume I felt poised and confident to pursue the job search knowing that I was putting my best foot forward. I highly recommend Judy to everyone who is serious about bettering themselves.” — Ed B.

“Thanks so much for all your help. You’ve truly been a tremendous help and such a difference from the last 2 resume writers in terms of the work product. After this whole process, if it doesn’t work out, I plan on seeking you out for some further career counseling services and recommending you to others! Thanks again.” — Kathleen M.

“I sought out Monaco Writing and Consulting Services after becoming discouraged by my inability to secure interviews with preferred targets. After working with Judy Monaco to upgrade my resume and cover letter I received interview requests almost immediately.” – A.S.H.

“If you are looking for a new career opportunity in this competitive marketplace, Judy is a wonderful resource. She has a wealth of knowledge about where to find new opportunities, including how to market your expertise on LinkedIn. In addition, Judy is a pro when it comes to putting together a resume that will highlight your skills. She also knows how to create a text copy of your resume that will sail through the electronic screeners many companies have in place so you can have confidence your resume will be read. Bottom line, Judy’s expertise lets you focus on practicing law and working in business while she helps with the mechanics of your job search. I highly recommend Judy Monaco if you are looking for new job opportunities.” — Stephanie H.