Creating Documents That Generate Results

Welcome to Monaco Writing & Consulting Services, 
specializing in creating high impact, career-related marketing documents for legal professionals and executives. MWCS helps job seekers find their passion, define their brand, direct their search and write their success stories!

Judith Monaco, JD, CPRW, ACRW, founder of Monaco Writing & Consulting Services, is a Professionally Certified Résumé Writer and a former practicing Attorney. As an articulate and persuasive wordsmith, Judy strives to create documents that will generate results for her clients—be they to win interviews or otherwise enhance their career image.

Judy has worked closely with attorneys, C-level executives, and many business leaders in a variety of fields for nearly two decades. Excellent at information intake, evaluation, and writing, Judy is able to accurately convey career skills and qualifications in the best light and adds a marketing-savvy flair to her résumés and other documents. She infuses her business, legal, and people know-how into the development of exemplary, compelling documents that help her clients reach their goals.


…that in today’s competitive and sophisticated job market nearly 80% of employers use an Applicant Tracking System (“ATS”) to scan résumés and determine if a human being will ever see them?

…that research shows up to 50% of résumés scanned by an ATS are rejected due to formatting and/or keyword error?

And if your résumé does make the cut that gets into human hands (along with hundreds of others) how will you ensure that you stand out from the crowd as worthy of consideration?

Your résumé is your key to opening doors; if your key doesn’t fit, nobody on the other side will ever know you exist, much less realize that you were perfect for that dream job!

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
— Abraham Lincoln